Thursday, July 31, 2008

Other's Lives

And of course other people's problems. Why do we follow others lives on line? I've done it a bit here and there. Sometimes I've just been intrigued about something and I periodically look at their blog or website. Other times I feel deeply saddened for them and am praying for a miracle in their life! I feel the need to check and see how they are doing. Some people are very good with their words and really show such a big part of themselves online, it makes you feel that you know them. Right now I'm watching MckMamma's Blog daily to see how unborn baby Stellan is doing. Please visit (link on side) and say a prayer for them! I also like to keep up with this little guy who has been battling leukemia since he was tiny!
Watching these things from a far makes me grateful for my beautiful and healthy children and helps me not to take it for granted that it will always be so.
So everyone hug your children, take them out and play with them and love them as much as possible!!

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