Sunday, September 14, 2008

Baby Time

Well I'm soooooo sorry I can't show you some new pictures. Still need to get a new camera! My Dad & Mom took some last week and whenever she uploads them, I'll share some!
But let me tell you what he can do now! He can army crawl on his elbows and go and try and bite the dog's leg. Luckily Lily (the dog) has learned to leave when she sees him coming! He can also push himself to a sitting position! He just did this today for the first time and he did it twice! He can also hold his own bottle, unless he is to sleepy or needy! And his two little front bottom teeth are really starting to show! Okay that is all for now on my little Joshy (whom I swore I'd never call that)!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Cha Cha

I'm trying to learn to ChaCha, no not the dance... I'm trying to become a guide at
IF you have no clue what I'm talking about (as I did when I first heard about it a week ago), you can log onto and see what it is all about. Or for the short version you can keep reading....
People text message or call or use their computer to ask ChaCha questions about absolutely anything they want! And they route their messages to guides who find their answers. So I am testing to be a guide to make a few extra bucks, only a few, it definitely can not make me rich, but maybe it can help buy a few Christmas Presents, hopefully =)!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Well we are moving in two weeks! And I have to start packing!! So far I've managed to pack two small boxes and half of one big one. I can't wait to have more space(especially a gargage and an attic) . In case you don't know we live in a 3 bedroom apartment right now and are moving to a 4 bedroom house! One of the problems right now with packing is where to put the boxes? All of our things are so smooshed (yes that is word) in here that boxes create a problem. And I don't want to stack them anywhere near where the baby might be playing! Of course he is sleeping right now so I better get busy =)!
So if you want to leave a message, hold me accountable, and ask how my packing is going?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pictures & Names

Well I love 'messing' with pictures. I can't say I'm that good at photography, but I like making things with the pictures I have. Actually I'm very dissappointed my camera is broken! I hope we are able to get a new one soon! My wonderful got our photoshop back up and running! And also someone from my online playgroup told me about . So I've been over there creating things. I think I may start fixing my pics on photoshop and then doing the digital scrapbooking thing over there! I did most of the banner at scrapblog.

That leads me to discuss the nicknames I've put on the banner. I've been wanting to pick some names to use on here for my children. We already call the little one Tubber sometimes and my daughter gets called Sissy by the other children. My older boy I had a harder time with... and I may change =), but his is the name of a pokemon (and he loves pokemon) and then well of course Blondie is blonde (and curly which was another possibility)! So I will try and add little tidbits about them and their ages and such on the sidebar sometimes soon (which could mean days or weeks).
Meanwhile I better get some sleep!