Thursday, September 4, 2008


Well we are moving in two weeks! And I have to start packing!! So far I've managed to pack two small boxes and half of one big one. I can't wait to have more space(especially a gargage and an attic) . In case you don't know we live in a 3 bedroom apartment right now and are moving to a 4 bedroom house! One of the problems right now with packing is where to put the boxes? All of our things are so smooshed (yes that is word) in here that boxes create a problem. And I don't want to stack them anywhere near where the baby might be playing! Of course he is sleeping right now so I better get busy =)!
So if you want to leave a message, hold me accountable, and ask how my packing is going?

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Charity said...

Hi Erica,

Thanks for visiting my blog! I too just recently moved and it was quite the ordeal so I know what you are going through. We stacked all the boxes in the living room, only two high to avoid any disasters with the kiddos. It is definitely nice to be all done with that and settled in now!! Best of luck with your move, and with warming up to Mrs. Palin *wink*.