Friday, October 30, 2009

My Book List

So I realized that I can't keep all the books I've read in the a list on my sidebar so I decided to make them on a separate page and just link in my sidebar for those who might be interested! I've missed quite a few but am going to try and keep better track now that I'm doing it this way and may occasionally write a brief opinion or fact!
A Mitford Trilogy by Jan Karon ~ starting with At Home in Mitford, very, very good and what I'd call heartwarming, I've actually read past the first three books, not sure how many there are but I've read (or listened to) five now and I know there is more. Sweet stories about an Episcopal preacher that will mostly keep you turning the pages for more, they have a similar feel as a James Herriot book!
A Map of the World (Oprah's Book Club) ~ don't read this if you don't want to be slightly depressed and crying. It had a lot of dark subjects in my opinion!
The Shepherd's Voice by Robin Lee Hatcher
~ I really felt like I learned more about being a good Christian woman from reading this book, I loved how much the lead woman- Akira- talked with God and repeated scriptures to herself, plus it was just a good book.
Ezekiel's Shadow by David Ryan Long

Violet Dawn (Kanner Lake Series #1) and Coral Moon (Kanner Lake Series #2) ~ these are Murder Mystery's written with a Christian perspective, easy reads, not too deep, but I'll probably finish the series.

Maximum Ride Series by James Patterson ~ aimed at teens, I let my 10 yr old read these and she loved them! I liked them pretty well myself.

The River Wife
Cross Country
The Poisonwood Bible
Face of Betrayal
The Other Side of Silence
The Twilight Saga
A Wild Ride Up the Cupboards: A Novel
Merciless ~ great Christian Science Fiction Trilogy

Update 7/2014
I've read so much since I last posted on here, so here are some I can remember

Most everything by Charlaine Harrisincluding
The Sookie Stackhouse books - While I loved these fun books, I did not like what I saw of the True Blood show based on these books.
The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries - Small town librarian solving mysteries.
And most recently Midnight Crossroad - this one took a little getting into, but I liked how it incorporated characters from her other series.

I'm currently rereading the The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins
 to analyze for my own YA writing - I enjoyed the first two but not third so much.
I also really enjoyed her Gregor the Overlander books. unfortunately I couldn't my kids into these ones, though my older two read the Hunger Games. 

I recently read the grown up book
Fourth of July Creek by Smith Henderson - this was different for me, it took awhile for me to figure out who was talking - It centered around a very small town social worker in the early 80's. The ending sort of tapered and off and left me feeling incomplete. 

I've also managed to hit some non-fiction writing books in search of help

I'm not good at completing non-fiction books, I usually just read parts. 

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