Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Birthday MOM (just a little late)!!! We all love you, you are the best Mom ever! Thank you for putting up with me for so long!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me Monday !

I'll give this Not Me Monday a try!

I didn't rush to get the two older kids to school, so I could come home and watch cartoons with the little ones this morning!

I didn't 'mow' half my lawn with a weedeater today, just to realize my extension cord did not reach far enough to finish!

I did not just read a gazillion blogs linked at MckMama's page to help me think of 'not me' ideas!

I did not just have my 7 yr old run and shut a door so that Tubber wouldn't crawl in, even though I was closer to the door than he was!

When I told my daughter it was bath time last night and she said she didn't need one because she already got wet washing the car with Daddy, I didn't say okay!

And I surely did not just keep writing this post even though I just noticed my 9 month old was grabbing his full diaper that obviously needed changing. And yes I said 9 months old, which you should all know because I surely didn't forget to write a post to commemorate his 9 month birthday, because I didn't forget that it was already the 24th!

Now click on the picture above so you can go read a gazillion not me posts!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Students of the Week

Guess what? Sissy got student of the week last week! She is the perfect little student for her teacher, she always listens, she is quiet in class and can do most of her work without a problem. She would never talk back and she tries to help others when they need it! Her first very month of Kindergarten she got student of the month! She is just that kind of girl =)!

Guess what else? Golem got student of the week this week! Can you believe that I have two kids in school and they got student of the week two weeks in a row! This year is the first time he has been in public school (homeschooling before) and he has come a long way in the past couple of months! He is always sweet and trying to please, but he has gone from sitting around staring into space, to actually finishing his work early! And he has gone from hating school to really liking it!

I'm very proud of my two students!

And my other little student (Blondie) is progressing at home too! He knows all but one or two of his letters and mostly knows their order! We are working on sounds and he knows a few! His is also enjoying puzzles lately!

I better go start getting things ready for the weekend activities!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

See my new Header?

Of course you see it! It is right there after all! Isn't it great? And those kids are cute too! Well I want to say thank you to Jennisa over at Once Upon a Blog. She was sweet to do a header for the winner of a contest MckMama had! Thank you ladies!

And thank you Mom for sending me the pics so I had something to put in the header!

I just finished feeding my little Tubber a baby bowl full of mixed grains cereal and almost a full container of YoBaby Apple Yogurt! He loves to eat (and drink)! It almost time for his nap and then I will play with Blondie for a bit and then hopefully do a little cleaning around here! There are toys all over the place, not to mention laundry and dishes and papers and books and..... I'll stop at that!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I forgot to update on Tubber's appointment! His doctor called and changed the date, so he went on Friday! He actually had lost a half a pound or so and now weighs 22.5 lbs. I forgot to get his actually height, but know that he is in the 75th percentile for height and 90th percentile for weight! He got 4 shots and was not happy, but hasn't had any reactions or fever from them. He goes back in a month for a follow up flu shot! With two kids in public school this year I opted for him to get it! Basically he is ahead of the milestones and doing great!

I Won

Guess what ? I won a contest over at MckMama's blog! I get some cool DVD's for my Curly headed child (and I'm sure Tubber will like them sooner or later) and a new blog header coming soon! So I am going to start posting more!
This morning when I woke up and went outside it was cold! Okay I'm sure to some of your standards it wasn't cold at all! But for my Floridian standards it was downright chilly out there, in the low 60's and it is currently still in the 70's~ which is just perfect!
~Insert cute pic of kids playing in the cool weather here~
I've got to get a new camera!
We are having a rather lazy today, though I will run to the store in a bit and work on the neverending laundry! To me the hardest part about laundry is getting all folded or hung up!
My hubby is supposed to wash his car today! Since he got a new car he really tries to keep it clean. Last week he was sweet enough to wash and polish my van too!
Last Friday Sissy went to ZooBoo at the local Zoo with her Girl Scout troop! She did all the scary things and then went on a pony ride! She loves rollercoasters and adventure! She has an awesome troop that does lots of fun things!
Next weekend my hubby and Golem are going tent camping with Boyscouts! My hubby is not the camper type so I can't wait to hear how it goes!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Well I've done lousy at writing on here lately. That was due to partly to the fact that we moved and I've been working online and partly to the fact I don't believe anybody is actually reading this ! So if anybody is please leave a comment, because I need encouragement to keep it up ! I want to keep it up, I want for this to be a mini journal /record keeping log, that is hopefully at least slightly interesting ! I mean that is what a blog is right? A place to record all the facts of your life and thoughts from your head and whatever nonsense that might come out of your head and flow into your fingers to be typed and put into cyberspace for all to read!

Anyways, I'm going to update sometime tomorrow or the next day about my baby boy, because he has a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon ! So for all of my two readers, don't forget to check back !