Tuesday, October 21, 2008

See my new Header?

Of course you see it! It is right there after all! Isn't it great? And those kids are cute too! Well I want to say thank you to Jennisa over at Once Upon a Blog. She was sweet to do a header for the winner of a contest MckMama had! Thank you ladies!

And thank you Mom for sending me the pics so I had something to put in the header!

I just finished feeding my little Tubber a baby bowl full of mixed grains cereal and almost a full container of YoBaby Apple Yogurt! He loves to eat (and drink)! It almost time for his nap and then I will play with Blondie for a bit and then hopefully do a little cleaning around here! There are toys all over the place, not to mention laundry and dishes and papers and books and..... I'll stop at that!


Anonymous said...

Oh, your header looks GREAT!! Thanks to Jennisa for offering it as a prize and congrats again to YOU for winning my contest!!! (If you think of it, let me know when the DVDs arrive safe and sound, okay?)


beachykeen said...

I love your new header. My grandchildren are beautiful. I need to check back often so I can find out what's going on in their lives. It's more info than telephoning. (BTW, you didn't mention that Sissy got student of the week.) I hope the big boys have a great outing this weekend.