Friday, October 24, 2008

Students of the Week

Guess what? Sissy got student of the week last week! She is the perfect little student for her teacher, she always listens, she is quiet in class and can do most of her work without a problem. She would never talk back and she tries to help others when they need it! Her first very month of Kindergarten she got student of the month! She is just that kind of girl =)!

Guess what else? Golem got student of the week this week! Can you believe that I have two kids in school and they got student of the week two weeks in a row! This year is the first time he has been in public school (homeschooling before) and he has come a long way in the past couple of months! He is always sweet and trying to please, but he has gone from sitting around staring into space, to actually finishing his work early! And he has gone from hating school to really liking it!

I'm very proud of my two students!

And my other little student (Blondie) is progressing at home too! He knows all but one or two of his letters and mostly knows their order! We are working on sounds and he knows a few! His is also enjoying puzzles lately!

I better go start getting things ready for the weekend activities!

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