Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me Monday !

I'll give this Not Me Monday a try!

I didn't rush to get the two older kids to school, so I could come home and watch cartoons with the little ones this morning!

I didn't 'mow' half my lawn with a weedeater today, just to realize my extension cord did not reach far enough to finish!

I did not just read a gazillion blogs linked at MckMama's page to help me think of 'not me' ideas!

I did not just have my 7 yr old run and shut a door so that Tubber wouldn't crawl in, even though I was closer to the door than he was!

When I told my daughter it was bath time last night and she said she didn't need one because she already got wet washing the car with Daddy, I didn't say okay!

And I surely did not just keep writing this post even though I just noticed my 9 month old was grabbing his full diaper that obviously needed changing. And yes I said 9 months old, which you should all know because I surely didn't forget to write a post to commemorate his 9 month birthday, because I didn't forget that it was already the 24th!

Now click on the picture above so you can go read a gazillion not me posts!


Stacy said...

The weedeater thing would be something I would do.
I also read alot of other NMM posts to figure out how to do this. This was my first week doing it.

Jill said...

A good car wash cleans just as well as a bath! :)
Great Not Me's!