Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School, Rain, & Giveaways

Oh my goodness, the rain here is unrelenting lately! My shirt is still wet from an encounter with it this morning. I took Curly to school! Wish I knew how to share my pictures off my phone, but I don't. I took a picture of him with wet hair and the rain pouring in the background! It was his first day of Kindergarten, he did go to preschool last year for 3 hours a day, but this is full days at a different school. He wanted me to walk him  in and of course I did, despite the downpour! I only have a small umbrella and I was trying to keep it over me and Curly, so poor Baby Boy was drenched by the time we made it in. Did I mention their were huge lines of people just waiting to park? The sky looked light night and the only good thing I can think about the rain is there was no lightning! Curly seemed fine with the whole school thing, perhaps not real comfortable, but okay, unfortunately he didn't know anybody, but he will soon!
Sissy and PJ had their first day yesterday, Sissy seemed downright terrified to go to her new school. They are at the same charter school together, he's in 4th and she's in 6th. So after her being a nervous wreck the night before and morning of, she was fine by the time school got out. I think her first comment was 'it was boring'. But she made a new friend and found some fun things to tell me about. She is switching classes like regular middle school, but only 4 times and  her whole class stays together. PJ is still in the elementary part so he doesn't switch classes, he is in a big room that has two classes it in a 3rd/4th and a 4th/5th, which is technically his class. He said there was only boys at his table and he made friends with all of them (which probably means he talked to them).  I'll post an update on school in a week or two or maybe sooner!

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Heart Mender (A Story of Second Chances) by Andy Andrews + Giveaway

Update: The winner of The Heart Mender by Andy Andrews is Melissa M. Congratulations Melissa you should have an email!

The Heart Mender: A Story of Second ChancesThe Heart Mender (A Story of Second Chances)
by Andy Andrews

This book is an endearing tell based on real events, what you would call historical fiction. A German sailor from 1942  finds himself washed up on the Florida coast. What follows is a beautiful but short story of who finds him and how relationships can cross all sorts of barriers, plus a bit of adventure thrown in. Surrounding this tale is a separate one, which tells of the finding of  relics and uncovering of bits of the truth, that help tell the historical parts.
While not extremely deep or developed I still highly enjoyed the story. I was also able to share it with my eleven year old daughter who liked it as well. I would recommend this book as a quick read to anyone looking for some enjoyment that is fairly wholesome and uplifting.

Thomas Nelson provided me with a complimentary copy of this book, plus one to give away to one of my readers! Just leave any comment on this post and I will pick a winner randomly after I close comments on August 31st. For an extra entry blog about this giveaway and link back to me, leave a link to your post in your second comment.