Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Won

Guess what ? I won a contest over at MckMama's blog! I get some cool DVD's for my Curly headed child (and I'm sure Tubber will like them sooner or later) and a new blog header coming soon! So I am going to start posting more!
This morning when I woke up and went outside it was cold! Okay I'm sure to some of your standards it wasn't cold at all! But for my Floridian standards it was downright chilly out there, in the low 60's and it is currently still in the 70's~ which is just perfect!
~Insert cute pic of kids playing in the cool weather here~
I've got to get a new camera!
We are having a rather lazy today, though I will run to the store in a bit and work on the neverending laundry! To me the hardest part about laundry is getting all folded or hung up!
My hubby is supposed to wash his car today! Since he got a new car he really tries to keep it clean. Last week he was sweet enough to wash and polish my van too!
Last Friday Sissy went to ZooBoo at the local Zoo with her Girl Scout troop! She did all the scary things and then went on a pony ride! She loves rollercoasters and adventure! She has an awesome troop that does lots of fun things!
Next weekend my hubby and Golem are going tent camping with Boyscouts! My hubby is not the camper type so I can't wait to hear how it goes!

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