Saturday, October 31, 2009


I feel like I’m always tired and always a few steps behind where I want to be with things! I’d really like to fix both of these things, any suggestions? Maybe  I could pawn off all my kids on one of you for a weekend  and then drink a bunch of caffeine (which I quit, mostly) and get caught up! Sounds good, I just need to do this once a month or so!

Anyways, I have no pictures to post but I’m sure I will after tonight, of course you might not recognize them, but you can try! Okay I’m off to work on a bit of catching up around the house and to chat with hubby!

What are ya’ll doing tonight? Anything exciting? I think we’re just trick or treating with our family and going to bed, okay maybe we’ll watch a movie or play a game before bed  and I’m going to try and do some muffin or cookie baking just because it seems like a good day for that!

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christy rose said...

Can't wait to see those pics!!

We are all going out to eat and to a movie as a family!!! I will only have one little one dressed up this year! :(