Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat

Mostly treats around here, I forgot to get a shot of all the candy though!

My masked boys would only wear their masks for about 1 minute while I tried to get a picture and curly took off another part of his costume too! Next year we will pick costumes w/out masks!

costumes 041costumes 046

costumes 093 costumes 045

If you were wondering Baby Boy was a dog, his head is behind him and Sissy is a vampire princess or something like that, also Curly is a ninja and of course PJ is Darth Vader!

  costumes 047 costumes 048  

costumes 051

This is someone else’s giant pumpkin!


costumes 088costumes 080

Curly kept throwing his basket in the stroller to get on Daddy’s shoulders, also you might notice Sissy and Baby Boy used Easter baskets! Baby Boy really started to like going up to the door and getting candy! There was one person who opened their door while laying on the ground with a spooky mask and he started to turn from that one, but the guy took of his mask.

costumes 084

He wouldn’t let go of that pail until we gave him a lollipop!

This was actually the first I remember ever having him sit in the stroller unbuckled and having him hop up and down, he kept running back to take his seat after he got his candy! I’m normally big about buckling him in.

Oh and one more thing it was hot out! Hot and humid, if you notice how curly Curly’s hair is in the pictures, that is because he was very sweaty! I was glad I didn’t have on a costume!

We went home and finished watching Ice Age 3 which I rented and let them eat 5 pieces of candy each, then it was late to bed!

Today I think we are switching the boys room with the Baby Boy’s . That should be fun!


christy rose said...

They are all adorable in their costumes! It really was hot?? not here!! It was about 40 degrees!

Sherri @ Luv a Bargain said...

Look at how cute they all are! Easter buckets work just fine:) I we had some of that weather too. It was a little chilly.

Stopping by from Two of a kind...

Have a great Monday.

Dee said...

they are adorable! It was HOT here too and poor Evan sweated to death in his costume!

Charity said...

Love the darth vader costumer, my guys are major star wars fans around here! And I so relate to your "exhausted" post. I do find that I have a burst of energy if I go for a brisk walk. But it doesn't last as long as I would like and I hate feeling so tired. I hate even more when I catch myself telling my kids that I'm tired. Trying to work on that myself...

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Great pics! They look so cute!