Friday, August 1, 2008

Words of a 3 Year Old

So my hubby was holding my baby tonight and saying how his feet stink for a baby! So my 3 year old munchkin comes up and says "They smell like pickles" and giggles. And my hubby says no they smell like Mama's feet. And little munchkin comes and smells my feet and says "They smell like fresh apples" and then proceeded to hug me!
What a good little boy, learning young how to talk to the ladies (especially his Mama)!

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Tristan's Mom said...

LOL, how cute!! On a side note... Tristan's feet are stinky too!! They have been since he was a tiny baby... DH says his were the same way. We use cornstarch to keep them dry. :)

And thanks for the comment on my blog! It definitely motivates me to know that someone out there is reading what I post! =)