Monday, August 11, 2008

Moving On!

Moving on with life of course! We had company last week... my Mother in Law and her husband. We had a pretty good time! We went to the beach one day(where several of us got burned despite the sunscreen) and to the zoo another day for a birthday party and then to explore. All three of my kids (that were old enough) rode the ponies there, and I believe it was my 3 yr old and 7 yr old's first time! Unfortunately my camera decided to stop working properly that day!

After we got home Saturday from the zoo, our little 3 yr old decided to have a yucky stomach bug! I felt so sorry for him, yet he never complained! And now he is better but my 9 yr old girlie came in a bit ago and whispered that she is losing her voice. I told her we'd find her a new one =)!

And well I hope everyone is well enough to start school next Monday!!
This will be my 9 yr old girlie's first time in public school in two years. She will be in fourth grade! And my 7 yr old boy's first time in public school EVER! He will be in 2nd grade. He did go to Pre-K 1/2 days at a private school when he was 4. But he is nervous, where my girlie is excited and looking forward to it. I'm afraid they are both going to be surprised at how much work they have to do. I have to go little Chubbers (my 6 month old boy) is starting to fuss in his exersaucer!

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