Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Children's Names!

So I was thinking to use 'false names' for children here since my blog is open for anybody to read. But I'm not happy with all of the names I have up now. And as my Mom pointed out Golem means fool or something is a pokemon character he likes but.....anyways........My point is that I will be changing them when I change my header after Thanksgiving! I've not figured out exactly what I will put. Sissy may be the only one to stay the same, since she is called that in real life by her three brothers (well two of them since one doesn't talk yet)! Or perhaps her's will change too. You just never know. I'm not very creative with words, so I will have to do some thinking. I'm wondering how many of 'you' use real names for your children?


Yvonne said...

I use our real names, but sometimes I wish I hadn't! Mostly because if there is a stalker out there, I don't want them to be able to call my children. {sighs} I wish I had the foresight to have thought of that. are the first blogger I know in person. I've enjoyed visiting you today!

Junita said...

I don't use real names - but the nick names I use, we use in real life.

Tracy said...

I've seen lots of people use just frist initials... but I think nicknames are cute!
I use my kids' real names but my kids are furrie! : )