Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I just had to discuss out loud with myself of course what bibs are for! According to Merriam Webster a bib is a cloth or plastic shield tied under the chin to protect the clothes!
Well our's fasten behind the neck and are typically cloth.
Well lets think about that shall we! I put a bib on Joshy this morning and the first thing he did was rip it off, I reattached it and quickly shoved a bite of his baby cereal (mixed w/bannanas) in his mouth, so he couldn't get a chance to rip it off! That WORKED! Yeah, so I continued to feed him his cereal, now if you've never fed baby cereal to a child then you might not realize that it is like mush, sort of like oatmeal, but finer. So I fed him his cereal and he spits some out and grabs it with his hand and and then tries to rub it off on his shorts! I fed him some more till he decided to try and get the loaded spoon from me. I won, but he now had goop all over his hands which he promptly decided to play peek a boo with! So by the time I was done feeding him he had mushy baby cereal all over his shorts, on part of his shirt, on his legs, on his hands, on his face and in his hair! He got a bath! SO I think bibs are purely for adding to the laundry pile! And we won't talk about how big that pile is =)!


Sweet Blessings said...

That's the messiest place to clean up at least 3 times a day-even when using a BIB! So true!

Charity said...

This was a timely read for me as I have been considering going in the basement to assess what baby items I ended up keeping when we moved in May...but it is such a daunting task and I really wonder sometimes how much of that stuff is really necessary and how much just adds to the amount of things lying around that need cleaned and picked up etc. Bibs included, right!