Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me Monday

It's time for Not Me Monday again! Time to tell be brutally honest and tell all about what you've done or 'not done' this week! To see more Not Me Monday's click on the big picture above to go to MckMama's!
I sure didn't forget it was even Monday since my kids are out of school, I mean my husband still went to work this morning, so how could I forget it was Monday? Uh yeah I didn't!
And I'm not wondering why my computer underlines in RED all of my contractions, I'm not completely questioning if 'didn't' is even a word and I surely didn't go look it up, that's silly!
My little curly head would not eat his dinner last night, not even taste one bite of his spaghetti, so he went w/out his advent chocolate and of course we did not say that he couldn't eat anything else besides spaghetti! He did then not wake up this morning throwing up and I'm not feeling totally guilty for being so hard on him last night!
And Sissy is not sitting on the couch saying she's sick (in a pitiful voice) because she's coughing, because if she was I would surely not say "your fine" because she is playing around, showing off and eating!
And I'm not writing about stuff that is going on this morning because I can't remember anything else to tell you! And I'm not trying to think of some reason to throw in a picture! Ya know like the fact that I never let my baby play with remote controls and for some reason we don't have more remotes than we do items to use them for!


Alicia said...

You know, blogger underlines words that I know I've spelled correctly! Throws me off every time!!

Hope your babies feel better soon!!

Love that picture!!

Amy, queen of the world. said...

Ugh, don't you HATE it when the kiddos are sick? Mine will eat NOTHING but bananas at the moment. I think it's his ears. Why do they wait until you're 1) at the brokest part of the month or 2)it's a weekend to get sick??? It's a conspiracy!! :)