Monday, December 29, 2008


Well it's been about a week since I've posted! Funny to say that seeing how that seems like a long time, but not too long ago I was doing good to post once a week! Well of course life has been keeping me from blogging! We had a great Christmas! It was not over the top and we didn't have any HUGE events, which was nice. The kids got some stuff that they didn't really need (and a few things they did) and we got to enjoy some time with our close relatives! My grandma broke her hip two weeks ago and was in the hospital for a few days, then a rehab facility but made it home before Christmas! Praise the Lord!

My sister and her kids came back down for a visit to see my Grandma, so we had unexpectedly got to spend some time with her the past couple of days!

I have to tell you one of the 'kids' presents was a Wii from the in-laws, however my hubby and me have played it as much or more than them! I've got to stick a few pictures in so here's one my two older ones opening presents with their 15 year old uncle. He's a good uncle, always plays with them when we visit and doesn't complain too much when they won't stop attacking him!

And here is a shot that my husband and father-in-law thought would be great! I have a very similar shot of Blondie when he was about this age (that time encouraged by my husband and dad), I'm going to have to go dig out! Of course the bottle was cold, hence the look on his face!

Now I'm off to bed, so I can wake up in the morning! Don't worry my baby is not actually drinking beer! MORE pictures coming soon!


Alicia said...

I was wondering where you went!! I's so busy w/ the holidays! How funny, we got our kids the Wii too! It's sooo fun!!!!!

Oh my..I LOVE that last picture! He is soooooo cute!!!

Charity said...

Too cute! Well, if he did slip in just a tiny sip at least he's got good taste for Guiness! :) We've got some funny pictures of my son when he was two with a margarita glass tipped completely upside down trying to get the last drop out of it...classic.