Monday, December 8, 2008

Not Me Monday

Okay, are you ready to find out about how wonderfully perfect I am and all the things I 'don't' do during the course of a week?
Well we finally got our Christmas tree up this week, of course I didn't put it up while hubby was at work because I just felt it needed to get done so bad. And I didn't keep correcting the kids about how they were arranging the ornaments on the tree all wrong! Because that would be totally lacking in the holiday spirit department! And did I mention how there is not a few more tubs of Christmas items out waiting to be up still!
I didn't run to the store for a few things on Sunday to find out everyone in town was at this store! And I didn't get super frustrated while waiting to get by another 5 carts in the overly crowded store. I wasn't standing there waiting with an exasperated look on my face when I heard a "Hello" from a lady in my Bible study(and her daughter), because then I would have felt convicted for being so grumpy at the busy store!
My kids are not watching "Sid the Science Guy" while I'm writing this post because if so then one of them wouldn't be jumping from a tub of Christmas stuff to the couch over and over again! And I did not just got make him jump some more so I could get some pictures of it!

Oh yeah and did you know that not one of my kids has 'messed' with our Christmas tree yet! Aren't I lucky a mom?
Using the word Christmas so many times was purely an accident!
Now go over to MckMama's and read what everyone else out there 'didn't do' this week!


Alicia said...

Oh my gosh..those were so funny!! LOL about the lady from your bible study! haha!!

And I could totally relate about the picture taking!! Haha!

Junita said...

LOL - funny - I am dreading putting up a tree because I have one very determined 7 month old that has learn to pull himself up and two very inquisitive kitties.

MamaJoss said...

Love your blog over here :) Those are funny shots of the catapult Christmas it!

Kimber said...

Love the photos of you little one jumping. Thanks for stopping by. Happy Holidays!!

The Ties that Bind Us said...

Hey Erica,
It's Brenda S. Love this post. I can soooooooo relate. Love your blog. Great job! I'll stop back by more often.