Saturday, January 10, 2009

For the Record

Well I posted something with this title before! My plan was to do this periodically when I had things I wanted to keep record of. Things I put put in a baby book or similar. But I've not been on top of writing as many of these as I wanted. And I'm sure I've recorded things elsewhere that were for the record too! But enough of my small talk!
Joshy is walking all the time! He can stop and turn around in the middle of the room now! He climbs on his rocking horse and climbs on other things as well! He is saying mama, though I'm not sure he relates it to me. This morning I took off my socks and shoes by him and he picked up one of my socks and tried to put it on his foot! So I put it on for him, then we played I put it on and he takes it off, then he tries to put it back on, I help and so on! He really liked that! Uh Oh is the only thing he says that I know he puts a meaning to. But he seems to understand a lot! Oh did I mention he can walk while carrying things too!
PJ just gets very excited about his scores on video games! He went pro on bowling on the Wii and is now bummed that he lost his pro status (don't worry he's not really upset or anything) and he's going to play on the porch with his brother. His brother, Curlyhead, loves playing on the porch! And sissy loves staying in her room and reading! Sometimes too much!

And if you've looked at my blog lately you'll see I keep changing the darn thing. I'm still not "happy" with it, but you know I can only spend so much time on something and I've got to leave it alone for a bit. So it is what is......recommendations are welcome!..Had to add my husband said it's still January when he saw my blog, but it is 80 degrees here most days, so I'm good with spring colors!

We had to reschedule Curlyheaded's 4th birthday party because I've got two sick kids and I don't want to spread it! Okay I'm off to do some housecleaning, does it ever end?


Alicia said...

Awww...the milestones of a little one! I remember all those walking stages! So cute!!

I didn't know there was "pro status" on the bowling game! Oh..of course I wouldn't..hahaha!

Love the blog! That is so awesome that you know how to do this all yourself! It's probably a good thing that I don't know how because then I probably would be changing it ALL THE TIME!! But, I love how it looks. Love the peach background w/ the green!! Lookin' good!

E said...

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Here's the site we used:

We did the "FREEBIE" and the "ULTIMATE". Have fun and spread the word!