Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me Monday

Did you know that today is Monday and not just a continuation of Sunday? Well of course you did and I almost forgot did too! Well MckMama has some new rules up for NMM so go and check them out and write your own and don't forget to read all the other ones! Now to hear what I didn't do this week! I did not hear my kids yelling "Joshy took off his stinky diaper" while I was in the middle of cooking pancakes and eggs this morning. So I didn't call them into the kitchen to stir the eggs and flip the pancakes, while I ran to grab the naked dirty bottomed baby before I had a real mess to clean up! Both of my kids in the kitchen did not almost simultaneously say that they burnt themselves, I mean they are 9 and 7 they should know how to flip a pancake and stir some eggs right? I did not leave the now clean, but still naked bottom to go help them, then the naked bottom did not walk into the kitchen through the gate I left open and now have more poop on his butt! The burns were not invisible and nothing at all!
Yesterday we did not have a small birthday party at our house for two of my children.

(this is not Curlyhead waiting to eat that yummy cupcake he helped me make)

I mean I don't even have two children born in the same month (seriously) so how would that work? We did not have one party 3 weeks after now 4 year old's birthday, we didn't just decide to throw in Happy Birthday song for Joshy who will be One Year old this Saturday! That is not possible that he was born a whole year ago! Just like it's not possible that he is walking everywhere, all the time! Ah but I digress! Joshy did not bust out crying at one of his presents (sorry Lauren) and we did not have to hide it because if he so much as glimpsed it he would bust out crying, and my children did not seem to want to test this out!

(this is not Joshy with a new toy he seems to love)

If we'd really had a party I would not completely have left any mess and just sat down on the couch to relax after the party, ya know because I was exhausted and had a headache! There are not still dishes in my kitchen waiting to be washed from yesterday either! My Not Me's are not only from the past two days, because I'm supposed to tell about the whole week, like how we weren't late for girl scouts and boyscouts Friday night, things like that! Because I'm NEVER late! I'm not completely laughing at that!

I won't be back later to visit and leave comments for everyone! I promise!

Just for you Erica, here is what Joshy was scared of, a Ginormous Googly Ball in Blue!
Ours is in hiding and I didn't want to bring it out for a picture! I think we might return it for something that doesn't make him cry! If you read this Lauren, thank you for giving us something to laugh and talk about!


E said...

Well, I wanted to see a picture of the toy that makes him cry! Come on, you've really got me curious now!!! =0)

Happy Monday!

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Happy birthday to your kids born in the same month LOL Happy NMM!

Alicia said...

LOL!! Talk about trying to be in two places at one time! I remember those "diaper" days!!

Cute pictures of your adorable children!!!!!!!!

Wayne said...

Great not me monday.I thought it was very intresting

My Trendy Tykes said...

Happy bday (s)

Cute pics!


Kimber said...

That is so funny that he cries at the googly ball. I don't blame you combining birthdays either. They take so much time to plan. Great NMM's

E said...

Awwwww, aren't you sweet? I guess it's in the name! J/K

Love the blog addition JUST FOR ME!!! I feel special now. =0)

Poor little guy. He probably thinks their big furry, rubbery monsters!

Sweet Blessings said...

This was hilarious-of course for you and wouldn't be if it was me-lol. I knew you'd put a smile on my face yesterday:) I cannot believe the little one is already 1!!! Blessings! Amanda