Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Me Monday

There is no possible way that today is Monday already, because Tuesday was just yesterday. Well evidently MckMama has spoken(well I'm thinking she's going to soon anyway) and the whole rest off the world and therefore it must be Monday! So without further adieu let's get started with all those wonderful things I didn't do this week! My NMM's today are all about the kitchen! I thought this was a great choice, since nothing ever goes wrong in my kitchen!

I didn't decide to make some apple bread at 9 o'clock one night last week and I wasn't so eager to eat some that I pulled it out the second the timer went off and turned it upside down to empty from the bread pan. If I had done that the top would have fallen off revealing the gooey inside that wasn't finished cooking and I would have stuck the top back on and put it back in the oven. Then I would have checked on it a few minutes later to discover in all my haste to get some in my mouth I'd already turned off the oven so it didn't finish cooking. Of course then I'd turn back on the oven and forget about it thus have a hard lump of bread at the end of things. But none of that happened so no need to discuss it further!

I didn't and don't get big huge wet spots on my shirt everytime I wash my dishes! This would never because I'm always neat and wear an apron!

That last load of dishes didn't take me over 40 minutes to do because I'd delayed doing them so long! That wouldn't happen because I just love doing dishes so I always keep up with them!

I never leave the water going while I'm doing dishes either, since my daughter brought home water conservation homework for me to do I know better than that!

My kitchen floor is not in desperate need of mopping! When my son spilled some milk this morning I didn't say "that's fine the floor is filthy anyway". I've not been saying such things for over a week.

We have not eaten, painted, unloaded groceries, done homework, sorted Girl Scout cookies and more just within the past few days all at the kitchen table. My table never got 'swept' with that little broom you see lying on it either!

I did not smell a burning when I preheated my oven yesterday, I did not open it to find some unrecognizable piece of food in the bottom that I attempted removing with a napkin, it didn't fall apart because it was so well done!

I did not cook a whole dozen eggs yesterday morning for breakfast, I do not have enough people in my family to eat a dozen scrambled eggs!

I didn't help at all with the Dad & Lad cake bake for cub scouts! The cake they did was not supposed to look like a Nintendo DS with a Pokemon game on it, because I have no children that are that obsessed with such things!

I didn't just edit this post because I remembered I needed to get in a picture of their cake!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday, now go read some more NMM's!


Dee said...

I want apple bread! COOL CAKE!

Dee said...

And I just wanted to add it did NOT just take me FOUR times to get the word verification right.....obviously I cant read or spell today!

Sweet Blessings said...

How fun! Love the cake and the painting:)

The Ties that Bind Us said...

I love your Not Me's they are always a trip! Not that I'm laughing at you, I'm laughing "with" you. : ) Brenda

E said...

Ha ha ha, I would so burn the loaf of bread the same way you did, AFTER undercooking it first. TOO funny!

Love the Pokemon cake. My three boys were all TOTALLY into Pokemon at one time, too. I'm glad I'm past that phase. You enjoy it while it lasts!

Tina - My Own Party of 5 said...

So many of your not me's are things I don't do as well! The wet shirts while doing dishes, the water running, the filthy kitchen floor...boy oh boy am I glad we do really do those things! lol ;)

Alicia said... DS cake!!!

LOL at what you said about the kitchen floor!!

Anonymous said...

The "apple bread incident" sounds like something I would have done!
And yes that cake is cool!! :)

karina said...

LOVE your NMMs!! The apple bread sounds just like me too! I have learned to stay out of the kitchen as much as possible!