Monday, March 30, 2009

Not Me Monday - Stellan Style

Prayers for Stellan

This week our wonderful creator of Not Me Monday, MckMama, is back in the hospital with her sweet baby boy Stellan who is fighting for his life. For more details you can click on his picture. So NMM is in honor of Stellan this week! Natalie is hosting this for us if you want to join in.

I've not prayed more times throughout the day than I can recall doing in a long time this week! I did not have my children and my husband and my Bible study group pray for Stellan too!

While repeatedly getting frustrated at things this week, I've not then stopped to think how insignificant our small problems are and instead stopped and offered God up thanksgiving for my blessings and prayers for Stellan!

I did not have my husband ask why I was so upset and crying several times this week to tell him about two little boys I've never met. One of course was Stellan! The other was Garett, a sweet little boy who lost his battle with brain cancer this week!

I've not refreshed MckMama's blog a gazillion times this week to check on Stellan! At the same time I don't want to tell MckMama to not feel like she has to keep us up to date, but to focus on what she needs to. And of course I'm not holding my breath waiting to hear more news about Stellan!

I do NOT feel like Stellan has brought me closer to God this week! I've not decided that I should also pray for the hearts of all of the readers of MckMama's blog!

I didn't tell God that healing Stellan here on earth would be best for everyone, because that would be presuming to know God's will!

I'm not going to put my baby down for a nap, open up my Bible and go plead some more for Stellan's heart to be healed!

"The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged." Deuteronomy 31:8


purejoy said...

thanks for the visit.
it's hard not to get upset when precious babies have to suffer or get called home, like little baby Sage, who died of SIDS last week at 8 months.
it begs the question "why?" but i know better than to ask it.
i see how God is being glorified all over in stellan's case, and i know the story is not yet over. i grieve for jennifer. and i selfishly want her back. tell me stories. show me your beautiful family.
God may fully give jennifer a different story than we all desire, and that scares the living you-know-what outta me. but i know in my heart of hearts that not only will jennifer be okay, but that God will get all of what happens. good or bad. miracle or not. it's all him. and that is what i really love about jennifer.
she has an amazing following. an accident? coincidence?
i think not.
and if you don't mind, i think i'm gonna copy this and post it one of these days.

Sonya said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I too was surprised to dream about Obama! But that just goes to show how much this little baby has affected me. It is good to know that you have been feeling pretty much like I have been all week. I too "did not" tell God that healing Stellan would be the best thing to do!

E @ Scottsville said...

Amen, Erica! I have prayed more this week than I have in ages, too! ANd yes, I have cried for a baby that I"ve never met but feel I know personally. I have showed people his picture and I have shared him with my friends in HOPES that they will make the same connection that I have and begin to PRAY!!!

Laura said...

I too pray that God decides that leaving Stellan here with us on earth is what is best!

Mrs. Cline said...

Thank you for blessing MckMama and Stellan with your NMM!