Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday’s Tidbits

Stellan is undergoing surgery on his little heart right now, so pray! Definitely praying and thinking about him today!

I've been a little bit lacking in the blogging department lately! So I just wanted to say Hi to anyone who happens to be reading this and give a few updates on our little lives.

Blondie got really sick over the weekend with a high fever and throwing up, but he's mostly recovered now. Baby Boy has been sick to with the same thing he's had forever, so the doctor put him on the nebulizer and prednisone for a few days. I'll put up some pics later of him doing the nebulizer treatment it's too cute because he actually likes it now! PJ earned several new belt loops recently for BoyScouts and is doing well with that. Sissy's been accepted into the gifted program at her school and she went to a Dad & Me 50's dance (Girl Scouts) on Saturday! And I made her skirt, evidently I'm pattern illiterate, because I couldn't figure out the pattern I bought, ended up just making it without one, but the cat was a part of the pattern, first time I've sewn on something like that ( i know there is a proper word for this but I can't think of it). In case you can’t tell they had a good time!


E @ Scottsville said...

Hey, that's better than I could do! I've sewn before, but NEVER with a pattern. I refuse!

The skirt looks great. Hope everyone in your house is feeling back to 100% soon!

We're praying with you for Stellan and wearing our ORANGE today!

Alicia said...

Wow..I'm so impressed! YOu did a great job w/ the skirt!!!

I hope your son feels better soon!! One of my boys is sick, and it's no fun for them.

Sonya said...

I hope they feel better soon. I think the skirt looks pretty good to me. I can't so anything!!!