Friday, June 26, 2009

His Name is Jesus by Max Lucado

His Name is Jesus by Max Lucado is a beautiful gift book that I received to review. It comes in a sturdy reusable cover to help protect it. This book is full of stories, chronologically ordered of Christ's life retold by Max Lucado in a way that only he can write. Though much of the book is in Lucado's own words there is still quite a bit of scripture and it is all based on scripture. This book is 191 pages of magnificent pictures, stories, quotes and scriptures. One minute this book has you rejoicing and another crying. It covers Jesus' Birth, Mission, Death, Resurrection and Legacy.

This is a book I would love to lay on my coffee table, if I only had one and didn't have a toddler running around that would rip it up! So for now it will remain in the bedroom. Here is a quote from page 68 the topic is Jesus Calls Peter to Walk on Water
"Those drenched men don't look like a team of apostles who are only a decade away from changing the world.... They look more like a handful of shivering sailors who are wondering if the next wave they ride will be there last."

I could go on just because I want to share, but you will have to read it yourself! Oh and I had to take a few pictures of it, so I will leave you with those!

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Looks like a great book