Monday, June 15, 2009

not me Monday


It’s that time of the week again, time to confess all your imperfections and adorable little quirks via MckMama’s Not Me Monday blog carnival. 

First off I’d like you to know that I’m not starting this post on Friday so I won’t forget  to get write something in time! We all know I’m always on top of things and never forget anything!!!

My kids aren’t starting  VBS at another church next week, if my kids don’t like it I’m not going to make them go!  Me and Baby Boy aren’t going to get to spend some one on one time together!

I’m not applying to go back to school in the fall, I’m not hoping it all works out and that I qualify for some grants instead of just having loans!  I’m not pretty sure what I’m going back for, but still not going to reveal it here until I’m closer to absolutely sure.  I’m not hoping to be able to have a job that makes money when my littlest starts kindergarten in the year 2013 ( that doesn’t sound even a tiny bit futuristic to me either)!  In 2013 my oldest will NOT be turning 14! No that is Not possible! And no doubt she won’t be needing more and more money for things too!  And it is not possible that I bought that child deodorant this week , because she is not old enough for such things, no way!

Another thing that didn’t happen this week was me making yummy sugar cookies and Curly helping me decorate them at 8:30 at night so we could eat them at 9:00 right before bed! Nope that would never happen in this house! We would not eat icing and sprinkled covered cookies right before bed (and for breakfast the next morning)!

I did not give Baby Boy a pony tail!


He is not adorable no matter what!


I did not sew 21 cloth napkins Sunday night because I was on an extra frugal kick!  I’m not a bit thankful that I have a serger (even though my computer doesn’t know that serger is a word)!


And I don’t like this shot of PJ in his PJ’s!



I’m not feeling extremely tired at the moment so I’m not going to stop typing and leave it at that!


E @ Scottsville said...

My kids started VBS at our church this morning. I am NOT sooooo wishing I was there with them instead of here at work. =0(

Oh well! Happy Monday!

PS - you're right. Baby Boy is cute no matter what!

Charity said...

the cloth napkins are a great idea, only I would have to buy them instead of making them :)

can't wait to hear what you'll be going to school for, congrats on that decision!

Anonymous said...

I do NOT love that pony tail on your son! ;) Ha! Hey check out the other blog I have and you'll see my hubby Skip with ringlets in his hair at the age of 3 - he was born in 1949 ... so cute TOO! ;)

Grace said...

Baby Boy's hair is adorable!My kids were so not blessed with any curls at all.