Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Fragments

~ Had to let ya'll know that Tony, my daughter's hamster died last week, she was heartbroken, but now she's okay, we will be getting another soon no doubt, she only had it about a month!

~Baby Boy is really trying to talk, he says things in twos, like e, e for eat and he says pew-wee for stinky diapers (while waving his hand around)!

~ School starts here on the 25th and Curly will be going for the first time, he will be in 1/2 days at a private school, this will be my daughter's last year in elementary, sniff, sniff! And Sissy and PJ's first year in gifted~ I'm nervous for them!

~ I've meaning to tell ya'll (that's how I talk ya know), that I've won two giveaways in the past week or two! A cool t-shirt over at My Organized Chaos for my toddler, Tammi has a ton of great giveaways over there! And I won a MoonCup over at The Ultimate Money Blog, I just googled Moon cup giveaways or something like that and found her! And if your interested in getting yourself a moon cup or a Keeper she will be giving more away starting tomorrow I believe! I'll be blogging more about these when I get them!

~ My Lemishine Giveaway ends tonight at midnight, so don't forget to enter ;)!

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Stephanie said...

I love when they start to talk like that, so cute! Now I miss the way my son used to mispronounce words. He has this koala bear that he loves the heck out of, his name is Pinecone, and he used to call him co-cone. So. Adorable. Now he pronounces it correctly and it's slightly devastating. ;)

Grace said...

I still think that cleaner would be awsome to have!School dosen't start here til the 20th and I can't waiitt!

Caution Flag said...

My youngest child said, "I just hanged up the phone." With the older kids, I would have corrected it. Today, I just enjoyed how precious that baby talk really is. Of course, he's 7, so maybe I should get to correcting him!

christy rose said...

School starts here on the 19th. I have mixed feelings about it getting started already. I like the routine somewhat but miss the relationship time with them too. Life is a lot different when school is going on that is for sure.
Have a great last summer week with your kids!

Mrs4444 said...

Congrats on your wins!! I love winning stuff on line, and this month, I've been very lucky, too :)

So sweet; your little ones. Enjoy this back-to-school time--it leads to sanity for SOME of us, haha.

Pam said...

Back to school time around here started on August 3rd. It seems to get earlier every year.
I think your kids will enjoy gifted classes. I know my daughter always has.
Hope they all have awesome first days!