Friday, September 18, 2009

For the Record

I’m going to try and make this quick so I can actually post it today!

Madeline ~ still loves to read, I finally got her into Anne of Green Gables (I’d been trying to tell her she needed to give it a few chapters for awhile), still has the messiest room of all, still wears her ‘ucky’ shoes even though I’ve bought her new shoes and still has horrible spelling! She is starting to grow up, sometimes she is more emotional, I’m so not ready for all that, but hey I can’t stop time! She likes to help and she likes to boss her brothers around, and she still tells me she wants a little sister!



PJ ~ I’m so excited for him, as he is doing really well in school this year, last year he started the school year off hating to go! So I’m really happy that he likes his teachers and all the experiments they do! He’s always coming home and telling me something good! He also loves his baby brother to death, he always wants to help Baby Boy, give him a hug or read him a book. He still spells better than his sissy and is proud of that fact! He has recently started swimming quite a bit better, he says he can swim as long as he has on goggles and wants to take his swim test at the Y so that he doesn’t have to stay in the shallow water!


Curly ~ Is still curly and loving as can be, he got his feelings hurt and started crying last night when I asked him to not climb all over me because he was hurting me! He is still loving preschool! They do so many fun activities, and amazingly he seems to know a ton of letter sounds all the sudden, he even sounded out cat for me yesterday!  Oh and he can swim w/floaties and goggles!


Baby Boy ~ still likes to turn off the TV (he already broke one) and still likes to eat! He can do several signs finally, he recently started signing poop (yes you read that right) and cookie, but not at the same time thank goodness! He just grabbed the pack of graham crackers from me and went to chill in front of the TV! Better go assist!

Oh and he was wanting to go back in the pool in this picture!




Grace said...

They are all so cute.I miss my boy's (the girls never had them)curls.

Sweet Blessings said...

I loved this post! How special to just take a few minutes and share about your kiddos:) Blessings! Amanda