Monday, October 5, 2009

Not Me Monday

Oh my, it’s been a long week, oh wait it’s a brand new week, that means a fresh start! And what better way to start out than by confessing a few things from the week before!  So of course I’m joining MckMama in another NMM post!

Well we surely didn’t start the week off by all being late this morning! As I was trying to fix a car seat this morning my sweet dog most definitely didn’t run out the front door after another poor innocent small dog that was being walked on a leash!

My kids weren’t all grumbly and complainy this morning because they went to bed so late last night! My kids always go to bed promptly when told with no trouble! They all woke up bright and cheerful and singing a happy song! Nobody complained about what I fed them and nobody’s hair was sticking up at all once we were in the car! 

Also we did not listen to “The Pirate Song”   for the 100 millionth time this morning! I do not know every word of it and I did not used to even really like the song before the 89 millionth time we played it! I don’t still like the “Belly of the Whale”  song, because I’ve only heard it a few million times! I wasn’t happy to finally read those lyrics and learn the words at the end of that song! I don’t exaggerate at all either!

I didn’t just pick up my kids from the bus stop to find out they had a fire at their school today! They didn’t have to wait outside so long that water bottles were passed out. There wasn’t a real fire in the coaches office (or so rumor has it) and three fire trucks weren’t on scene along with an ambulance and fire rescue truck, I don’t feel like I should have known this before they got home! I guess I should have had the news on!

You may not have noticed that I didn’t also shamelessly put up a link to support my Cubscout by buying popcorn. I would never do that I didn’t feel a little bad that we were moving this time last year and that we didn’t participate at all in popcorn sales (their only fundraiser) and the year before we joined right after they finished! So I don’t think a big tin of yummy popcorn would make a great gift for someone you know!  Well it was worth a try anyway =)!

I don’t think it’s time to finish this post  before Monday is all over!


Sonya said...

yikes that must have been scary for their to be a fire at school!! I know how you feel about the songs. I never realized how many times that I could do something over and over and listen to the same song or watch the same commercial 100 times in a row until I had a child!!

christy rose said...

Fire at the kids' school? That would be scary to find out later. But maybe even more so if you knew it was going on when it was.
You described your morning with your kids in such typical fashion for us when we stay up too late too. LOL And, I get so frustrated when our dog gets out the door too. She is not that easy to get to come back. We have to bribe her with food and sometimes it takes awhile. And usually when it happens, we are already running late. ARGHHH! LOL
Great Not ME post Erica!

Amanda said...

I wish I could support ya and buy some popcorn... I did that once, and when the tiny little tenny weeny container showed up that I paid $50 for, I sorta decided to try and support the boys in other ways. :)

But I wish you luck!!

Many blessings!

Irritable Mother said...

My kids don't give me problems at bedtime, either. Isn't that great??!!
Actually, my husband and I were just talking about an idea tonight to try to motivate the kids to get ready by themselves and on time. We're going to present it tomorrow. I sooooooo hope they buy into it and we end up with enjoyable nights and a special family treat once a month!