Thursday, November 12, 2009

What Happened?

So that’s the question for this post!

What happened? What happened to the week? Where did the past two weeks go? In fact what happened to October how did that slip by me?  My contest for the great Cheerios gift pack ends Friday night at midnight, so there is still a bit of time to get yourself entered! Just once again wondering what happened to all that time….don’t let time slip away from you, make good use of it, enter my contest then go read some books with your kids, ya know, if you have any that will listen! 

And what happened to this picture? Just wondering if anyone can figure out all the things Sissy & I worked together to change in Photoshop on this picture? No prize, but I’m curious to see if anyone can list all the things that are changed =)! Of course some are more obvious than others, yes she picked out that lovely shade for her hair, lets hope she never decides she wants this color in real life!


So what happened to this perfectly good picture? Why did we have to go and ruin it?

What happened to that word verfication on my comments? I got rid of it, because I just noticed it was on there while glancing at some settings tonight! Aren’t you happy??

What happened to that book review I was going to do and forgot all about….hmnnn…..maybe I started reading Twilight again and forgot all about it….maybe……..

And what happened to that guinea pig post I was going to do? Have you seen it? Oh right that’s because I’ve not done it yet! Soon, I will get to that and I will show you a bunch of the pics I took at the park the day I took the one above! But for now I’m going to see if I can remove a child or two from my bed because there is no question what happened to my empty bed, the rugrats got to it first!

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E @ Scottsville said...

Time just keeps on going and no matter how hard we drag our feet or yell "STOP", it just won't listen!!!

Cute picture, but the only editing I see is the green hair???