Sunday, January 10, 2010

Freezing, Tired & Content

Well I realize those of you up north think our freezing weather is mild, but it’s been unbelievably cold here in central Florida lately. I can’t remember a cold spell like we’ve had the past few weeks. While we occasionally get freezing weather, it’s usually only for a night or two at most. Typically the cold doesn’t bother me, but I’m sure not used to it!

I mean I’ve never felt the need to put on multiple layers and shoes just to take the trash out 20 feet! Not to mention having to actually dress and shoe (I realize this is probably not a proper use of the word shoe) all the children before they can walk outside! Of course the kids and perhaps the adults too have enjoyed watching the weather on TV and seeing what the latest low temp is around here! We hoped for snow on Saturday, but missed seeing any, though there were scattered reports of snow in nearby counties. And we finally had our first fire in our fireplace since moving here a year and half ago!

I am praying for the farmers and their crops as we have a few more freezing nights on hand. We will be back up to 70 or so by the end of the week (which is just perfect)!

So it’s just been a long week and I’m tired and still have plenty yet to do, but it will keep to morning. I’m content with things here and am going to lay down and get my rest now! Hope everyone out there is staying toasty and snug in their beds tonight!


Grace said...

WOW sounds like paradise to me.We had a heat wave today that got us up to 30 degrees.I'm just tired of all the minus temps here.

christy rose said...

I talked to a friend who lives in central Florida last night and she was saying the same things as you. She said that she has actually had to have double layers of clothes on and socks! Socks! Can you believe it?! She was so funny! I can not imagine not wearing socks all the time in the winter around here. OOOHH! Cold feet mean cold everything! LOL Oh Well, just enjoy it as much as possible. It does not happen very often, I know. The fire in the fireplace was nice, I bet!! :)