Monday, July 26, 2010

Lies and Poop

So I lied...... Evidently I've not been here for quite some time. So am I back? Well that remains to be seen, but at least I'm here temporarily.
Let me tell you about life!
I've still got 4 kids and 1 husband and a dog and 2 guinea pigs. 
It's summer (see that nice summer scene at top) and there is no oil on our beaches that we can see at least. 
We've spent a ton of time in the pool this summer and I've got water in my ear to prove it. PJ is swimming without floaties this summer and is a regular old swimmer now. Nate desperately wants to learn and can swim under water, but can't keep himself up very good without floaties. Joshy swims quite well with his floaties (and usually an extra flotation vest) and I've got no intentions of trying to teach this summer, though I am working on getting him to go under water. He always says "dat cared me" when I take him under real quick. 

And on that note I've got to say how cute my little stinker is and yes he is a stinker! He had fun with a permanent marker on the wall  today. He has no problem admitting what he does wrong. 'Did you bite your brother?' yeah he says back or nods his head (of course at that point I would discipline him). His speech is so cute right now and I know before long he will be talking fully. Right now some of the things he says that are so cute is his 'yeah' he says all the time. It sounds just like that too. I'll see if I can get some video to put on here. I also love the way he says 'ti-ckle me'  he says the word tickle like it's two words. Baby Boy is not potty trained my any means. I've really got to work on that, he doesn't have much bladder control that I can tell, but if I'd tried more I'm sure I could have him pooping on the potty (aren't you glad I shared that?) as he has a few times! So let's see he is a pretty good eater, though I'm wondering if I'm already messing that up as I've not been introducing enough new foods on a regular basis and now when I offered a plum today (which we don't usually get) he wanted nothing to do with it.  

And let's see Curly is doing good, as noted above about swimming, he eats okay, better than his older brother anyway. Yet he is still my tiny Nater tot, I'm curious to see how he compares to his class mates this fall, he will be staring kindergarten, can you believe that? Nope me neither. He has the hardest time recognizing numbers. So I've been drilling him on that. He only gets in my bed early in the morning most nights (as opposed to sooner). I think we'll probably cut his hair short before school starts. 

PJ is growing up slowly. Really can't believe he's 9 sometimes! He is as picky as ever! But still manages to be a healthy weight. He still gets in our bed at night almost every night, but he is able to go to sleep on his own (he had some issues with this last fall). He is really so sweet to his littlest brother, it's so cute, oh Baby Boy says PJ like AJ. Baby Boy loves him back and is always demanding his attention. PJ still plays his games, we just downloaded Chess on the Wii today and he beat me already. 

Sissy is getting too old to be called Sissy, she had a birthday this month and is now 11! She's starting to get to the "I'm old enough to do that" age. And it's hard because she is our only girl and the oldest so she gets more responsibility, but also more privilege, but I've had to watch that I don't give her too much. She is still really helpful, but can also be quite sassy. She has recently started shaving (shh don't tell her I told you) and hasn't yet cut herself. I guess razors and cream are better than when I started. In fact I'm not sure we used shaving cream, I really can't remember. 

So that's enough for now I promise I'll TRY to come back soon! 
Hope everyone else is having a great summer!!!

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