Thursday, July 24, 2014

I HAVE been writing

So despite the lack of posts here, I have been writing. I'm working on a YA fantasy novel. This is my first real attempt at writing.I've had college English and creative writing courses but those were almost 20 years ago and it's amazing how many things I've forgotten about basic structure and point of view. I find myself wibbling and wobbling between past and present tense and really need to correct this before I go any farther. I've got almost 7000 words down so far and I'm aiming for 70,000ish. This writing business has made me feel the need to write other things therefore here I am writing. And though I adore the look of my blog now, it's time for a change, so forgive me if it looks wonky while I'm making up my mind on how to change it =).

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