Thursday, January 15, 2015

Couch to 5K

I was just sitting on the couch and now I'm running a 5k, uhm NO! But seriously I started a couch to 5K app (the one by, not that it matters which one). I just finished my 3rd 'run' or the end of my first week . It starts out something like this... warm up walk 5 min, brisk walk 90 sec, jog 90 sec, repeat walk, jog however many times equals 20 minutes, then 5 min cool down.

So I'm really out of shape! Seriously my body looks out of shape, but my lungs, heart, and other muscles are not used to much activity. I walk some, but never jog or run. So when it's time for my 60 seconds of jogging I look like I'm trying to jog very slowly with a limp. Then I usually wear out before the 60 seconds. Though I think I'm progressively lasting longer, a few times tonight I was able to jog the whole 60 seconds.

So I peaked ahead and next week has jogging 90 seconds, walking 2 minutes. I think if I struggle too much, I might repeat wk 1 or wk 2. But if I feel I'm getting something out of it I might just keep going. THere is something to be said for finishing something, even if you didn't get an A. I'm afraid if I slow down to repeat a week I'll lose my motivation.
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I'll try and come back and let you know how it goes!

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