Friday, August 22, 2008

Computer Geeks and IPods

Well my husband is an IT guy and is always messing with our computers! And we get a 'new' to us computer about twice year. Usually because he is upgrading or something went wrong. So he switched to a different computer two days ago and I just reinstalled itunes and went to play a song and I had to give permission for this computer to play it. Well guess what that was my 5th computer! I'm not allowed anymore!!! I have an ipod too! So if anyone can tell me a player that I can use to upload to the ipod that isn't going to limit my computer use that would be great!! Otherwise this computer better not go anywhere for awhile =)!

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"Miss" Anita said...

Sorry this is off topic...

I saw that you're a friend of Marsha (drewsfamilytx)'s, so I wanted to ask you to pray for her. If you're not sure why, please stop by her blog or my homeschool blog (see link below).

Thanks. - my homeschool blog