Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Not Me Monday!

I was going to write a post up last night for today and I got tired... If you don't know what Not Me Monday is head on over to MckMama's blog and check it out! I'm not good at remembering all the little details, but writing these makes me search my mind for some of the terrific and not so terrific moments of life!

There is absolutely no way I'm watching CSI at the same time I'm typing this, because I don't watch TV, and I definitely don't blog and watch shows I've recorded at the same time!

I definitely didn't ignore the fact that my boys were playing in their beds for an hour tonight after they laid down, because if I'd ignored that then they would think it was okay, so I didn't do that!

I went for a walk tonight, but I didn't take the baby because the sun was down and it was chilly so there is no way I would have bundled him up and taken him for a walk after dark, nope I would have left him inside with his Daddy.

I did not look in the fridge tonight and notice we have nothing left to drink but water. Nope because if I'd seen that I would have rushed to the store, so I didn't see that!

And I never think of great "Not Me Monday" ideas during the week and then completely forget them and therefore never write the really great ones! Okay, maybe I do!


~*~Brianne~*~ said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I always like to hear that people enjoy reading it because half the time I wonder if anyone actually does! And, I am so insanely jealous that you won the header from Once Upon a Blog. I want her to do my blog, too, but can't afford to spend the money to have a blog redone. Somehow bills, groceries, gas, and stuff for my princess comes ahead of paying for a blog revamp! Have a super remainder of the week :o)


They call me mommy said...

hehe! I've totally taken my little one on a walk when it was dark and very cold just so we could both get out of the house and save some sanity! :p

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!