Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tuesday I bought my little baby a push toy to walk behind from the consignment shop! I brought it home and he started practicing right away! Here is some 'footage' of the events as they happened!

And just because I like it and like to share here is a picture of him the same day tell me!

And speaking of the very active one, he just woke up and is lounging on his Daddy on the couch, bottle in hand, watching some Ultimate Fighting!

I think it is time for me to sneak off to sleep!


Brown said...

Yes! I am a CODA (Child of a deaf adult).
Thanks for stopping by!

The White House said...

Hi Erica, I just read your prayer request at mckmama's and am praying for you this morning. I am asking the Lord to heal your friend who is struggling with cervical cancer. I pray that the Lord would restore her health and use this trial to draw them into a deep relationship with Christ and restore their marriage.

I am also asking the Lord to bless your marriage and that Christ would be the Center and Strength of your marriage.

and I am praying in faith that the Lord would provide a job for your father! Blessings!