Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Years!

Okay I'm a little late! But not too bad! I've been waiting to post till I had time to write down a few things! Really I feel like I've got a ton I could write, but I'll try not to bore you to death!

First off, as of yesterday, Joshy is doing his best to walk ALL the time! He is constantly trying to walk everywhere! He will now often go 15 steps or so! This video is just the most steps I have on camera. The noise at the end is a combo of noises, you may want to turn down the volume!

And now on to Resolutions!
I've put off writing these not because I don't want to , but because I wasn't sure what all I wanted to include, I'm sure I could write a book of things I want to change! But this will not be a book, I promise!!
1. Lose weight - 50 pounds actually - my main ways I intend to start working on this
~Drink 5 glasses of water a day or more and only one glass or less of soda or juice
~Walking at least 5 days a week for 30 minutes at a time
I will add to this if I stop losing weight with these things
2. Be a better Mom~and~ Wife
~ have more fun with the kids
~be less critical and give more compliments
~ pray with and for them more
~keep up with the housework more
3. Be a better Christian
~ go to church 3 out of 4 Sundays (we've not been going in awhile)
~ memorize at least a one piece of scripture a month
That's it, not that I couldn't add to it! And you know I can't do these things alone, it will take a lot of strength from God to keep on working at my goals and I'm sure I will mess up here and there but with grace hopefully I will accomplish something through my efforts!

I had some other things I wanted to write but got wrapped up in writing those so now they've left my head! Sometimes it's hard to think when kids are watching TV and talking to me and laughing loudly in the same room! Here are some parting shots of Joshua inside the diaper(cloth & disposables) drawer that he emptied and climbed inside of!


Jamey said...

Cute Pictures and Video, I love when they start waliking!

~*~Brianne~*~ said...
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~*~Brianne~*~ said...

It's always fun when they walk! But then again, the head bumps, scarred knees, and tears of pain from being a self destructing machine aren't so fun!!

I like your list of resolutions! I will pray for you that God will give you the strength you need to accomplish these goals you have set for yourself. I know I can't do it alone, either, so I am going to be sending some major prayers up for myself, too, for the will power and determination I need to accomplish everything I want to do this year. All in all, if things go as planned, it will be a super-fabulous year!! :o) We'll see at the end, I guess!!

Jennifer said...

I totally agree w/ all your resoultion esp 1 & 2 (I am in chruch all 4 Sunday's, but I want to add one of yours and memorize a scriputre once a month). I will be praying for you that you will have the strength to make all these resolutions happnen. Happy and wonderful and bless 2009!!!!!!