Friday, January 16, 2009

I was Tagged!

Hmnnn, not sure I've been tagged before here on this blog anyway ( I use to have a different one), but another Erica got me! This tag challenges you to go to your fourth folder and post the fourth picture that is in that folder! I'm wondering if this tag assumes I'm an organized person, haha! I was going to wait until I had my external drive hooked up as that has many more pictures on it, but alas my husband just took it back to work. So I figured I'd put all my picture folders in one area on my computer (no they were not) and then do it. It ended up being from my January folder since my folders were alphabetical, so it's not very old, but it's a good one! Joshy at the park!

And I'm no good at tagging, so if you've not done this and want to then your tagged!\

Oh and I'm trying to figure out what color font looks best on this background, it seems like they are all hard to read, I might have to change it, agh! Let me know what you think?


Alicia said...

Aww! Cute picture!!!

I think for your font color, the darker green looks best. Or if all else fails, just use the basic black. :)

E said...

Yea, black or a dark forrest green color would work, too. THe blue is easy to see and read, but doesn't flow with your color scheme, so I say dark green or black. That light green was HARD to read. =0)

THat is a cute picture! Good job.