Monday, January 5, 2009

Not Me Monday

Wow, it's that time of the week already (and I didn't even do one last week)! Time for Not Me Monday, where you can tell get off your chest all the wrong, embarrassing or improper things you've done the past week! You can visit MckMama to check out what everyone else "Didn't Do" this week!

It is not time for my kids to go back to school tomorrow already! And they did not ask me if we could home school again next year today! Had they asked this, their reason would not have been so because they get hungry at school and at home they can eat whenever! I of course did not tell them that that was not a good reason! Oh yeah and I'm not looking forward to at least having the two of them back in school either! And there is no way I'm sending my four year old to pre-school in the fall, which would give me 3 out of 4 gone part-time anyway!

I did not just hear Alvin and the Chipmunks singing Living on a Prayer on the TV, that would be just plain weird!

I did not forget to bathe my kids for several days since they weren't going to school and my routine was completely off!

My sweet and wonderful baby did not cry and fuss for over an hour last night. After attempting to get him to sleep twice we did not let my cry for awhile the third time in his crib! We would not do that because he was all congested and that wouldn't be nice! Part of my reason for doing, ahem I mean not doing that wasn't so I could go out walking before it got any later! I'm not determined to walk every day even though my goal is to walk 5 days a week.

We did not go to church yesterday for the first time in almost 6 months! This is not the start of a new trend ;)!

My baby did not just WALK over to me saying MAMAMAMA with the stinkiest diaper ever and then when I picked him up he did not spit out an earring that has the number 41 on it, that I've never seen before!!

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They call me mommy said...

Yikes! I wonder where the earring came from....

We're sending our little one to preschool in the fall and I dont know what I'll do while she's gone....

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

I totally agree with the YIKES about the earring.
And yes, I totally need a real magic mop too. I swear i sweep 12 times a day around here.

E said...

So I wanna know where this earring came from? That's kinda freaky!!! =0)

So you have three boys and a girl too, huh? =0) INTERESTING!

From one Erica to another,


Alicia said...

What was the 41 on it??? LOL

The Ties that Bind Us said...

I have to say yours are the funniest NMM I have ever read! I think I can just relate! LOVE it!