Friday, February 27, 2009

For the Record

I need to write somethings down for the record. I'm going to start off today with Baby Boy of course who is now 13 months old!! He is an occasional biter, frequent hair puller and avid dancer! Seriously every time he hears music anywhere he starts waving his arms around!
He also really loves Moose or at least his voice. This morning I was feeding Baby Boy in his highchair in the kitchen and he heard Moose's voice on the TV, he started 'complaining' to me and trying to get out pointing toward the TV! I think maybe just maybe we watch to much Noggin! Baby Boy loves his YoBabyYogurt along with bananas, strawberries, broccoli, spaghetti and most foods I give him! His actual words he says are uh oh and mama and dada. I still doubt if he means mama and dada when he says it. I've heard him attempt to say nigh night and more (he signs more for food). Baby Boy's other past times are helping me unfold laundry and trying to wiggle down when I hold him! He still drinks from a bottle, but does use a sippy cup too. He is on whole milk now instead of formula. Right now he is pretending to talk on a toy phone. And that is all for this edition of For the Record. I'm going to try and write some more some about the other rugrats children.

Oh yes and one more parting note, Baby Boy is no longer using this seat, thus making bath-time a complete challenge now!


E said...

They just grow up way too fast, don't they????

Charity said...

We have that exact same bath chair and it was so challenging once they outgrew it...I found myself getting much more soaked in the process!

Oh and I had a biter and hairpuller too. You probably already know this but they DO outgrow it thankfully.

He is so adorable. Looking at his pic makes me even more excited for the little boy I am carrying to arrive!