Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's a Great Day to be Alive

Oh my goodness, I completely missed not me monday yesterday, I actually started a post for it and never got to finish/post it so I'll save it for next week! But it was totally worth it to miss it!

My children had off school yesterday and my husband off work. So after picking up the free rental car ( they were fixing my van due to a very minor rear ending in a parking lot) we went off to our local beach! We went to one that is only about 20 minutes from us. It was really too cold to swim, so this beach was perfect because it is less than a foot deep going out for probably a good 30 feet, in other words the kids could run around in the water and only get the bottom of their legs wet! This isn't the nicest beach in the world (or even in my area), it is not on the ocean but the bay, however it is super convenient for us. And the kids had a blast, just running around freezing and doing all kinds of things with the sand! Let me tell you I knew this was just a 'quick' trip to the beach, so while packing things up to go I stuck a few snacks, sunscreen, water and such in the diaper bag and grabbed a bag for beach toys. It wasn't until we got there that I realized I had brought nothing to dry off with or sit on! For some reason that concept never crossed my mind, see I had envisioned us walking along the beach and not sitting or drying off! You would think I didn't live in Florida 3o minutes from the coast! We ended up spending $9 on the smallest beach towel ever. Well here's what you are all waiting for..........

Joshy hated the sand and did not want to be stepping on it!
He was in the sling or on the towel most of the time.

Joshy is talking to the birds here, I couldn't get his attention away from the birds, he was fascinated!

Here are some of those birds, they were everywhere and one nice foreigner was feeding them right near our towel!
The boys working on a castle (that they immediately destroyed) with lots of help from their Daddy!
Sissy showing us all how far out she can walk!


E said...

Its so crazy to be posting swimsuit and beach photos in WINTER - - - IN FEBRUARY!!!

I'm so jealous! I wanna play too!!!!!!!

We're actually staying in the 70's though, so I can't complain too much.

Alicia said...

Oh how fun!!!!!!! What a great way to spend the day! Bummers on the towel, but now you have a souvenir..LOL.