Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me Monday


Well evidently it’s Monday and time for Not Me Monday hosted by MckMama! In case you didn’t know NMM is where you get all your little secrets and imperfections out in the open while still denying them of course, as in “Who me? No Not ME!”

So what did I NOT do this week I’m sure you are waiting on the edge of your seats to find out…….well wait while I try and remember something……….

Okay I did not forget my daughter’s reading group because I forgot  what day of the week it even was! I did not have a conversation about said forgetfulness on Saturday with my friend to later realize I’d forgotten the place I was supposed to have gone on Saturday! There is no way that I’m that forgetful!

I’m not super glad that the friend I just mentioned is doing so well after her recent second surgery! I’m not going to go call her in a minute because I want to check and make sure she is still doing good! She is not a wonderful friend that I’ve known since I was 12 ! I don’t want her to start writing something on the blog she created so I can link to her and be able to read it of course!

I’m didn’t make breakfast for dinner tonight again and my hubby didn’t have to run to the store to get syrup because I hadn’t thought about it.  I’m more prepared than that!

Whew, I didn’t just stop and unlock my boys door because they locked themselves out for the 100th time this year!

Curly and I didn’t take these pictures of ourselves this week, he did not want to help me with the camera one tiny bit. And he’s not missing his front two teeth because he had to have them pulled because he hurt them a few months back! He is not a super wild, happy, silly  and sweet child! He does not love to use the F word, you know the one young boys (and some old ones too) love to use because it refers to one of their favorite things to do! Fart of course!

Campout 285 Campout 260 Campout 275 Campout 277


I didn’t try and create a new NMM logo for MckMama  and she didn’t send me a nice email thanking for me for my pathetic attempt, no seriously she didn’t do that, she was sweet and said she liked them both (maybe I’ll post them sometime)! I am not looking forward to seeing who’s she did pick though!

I’m not finished and I don’t think you should go and read more NMM’s!



Leighann said...

I did not doze in my bed today for two hours because I was soooo over my whining kids! Nope, not me. :)

E @ Scottsville said...

Awwwwww, I'm so far behind! I didn't even realize she was having a competition for the new NMM logo. How sad is that?

Curly's missing front teeth are darling on him! =0)

Happy Monday!

Sweet Blessings said...

You're looking good friend! I laughed at the brekfast for dinner and having to send hubby out for syrup! Have you been eating with us-lol!? Amanda:)