Tuesday, July 14, 2009

For the Record

This is were I write down (okay I'm typing) the information that I want to remember about my kids!

Like the fact that Baby Boy can climb on the couch now (with a bit of effort) whenever he feels like it and is currently tottering on the edge (in a sitting position). And that PJ loves to snuggle with his youngest brother and even hold him captive against his will. Oh and Baby Boy can get down properly when he wants to as well.

How about the fact that my now 10 year old, yep I can't believe Sissy is TEN, is begging me for a dwarf hamster, that she wants to buy with her birthday money. I've already said yes, we are waiting on her father to cave in!-Update- She bought her baby Dwarf hamster and is trying to win it's trust so it stops biting her!

Or that I'm taking her to the midnight, opening of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince tonight, she is so excited about both!-Update - We went and had a good time, she was wide awake when we left at 3AM! It was packed and there were plenty of people dressed up as characters, we even ran into some at WalMart buying candy like we did before the movie. Did I mention we bought a big tub of popcorn that we ate less than 1/2 of! And we ran out of our free refill drink, but for goodness sake who is going to leave a Harry Potter movie to get the refill, not us!

PJ still tells me he'd rather homeschool than go back to public school. Obviously I didn't work him hard enough when we homeschooled. He spends any time he can playing games on his DS, Wii and the computer. He surprised me the other day by finishing a chapter book without me making him (Spiderwick)!

I could add a gazillion more things, but then I'd never finish, so I better stop!

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E @ Scottsville said...

Man, I bet that was the BEST time --- staying up til midnight to run off to a movie with Mom. HOW FUN IS THAT? She'll remember that night forever. =0)