Saturday, September 12, 2009

For the Record

Oh my so much changes so quick!  So posts  by this name are mostly about keeping track of changes, milestones , little things and big things!  (By the way I wrote this on the 5th, but just now added pictures and am posting)

Baby Boy~ tried to sign pee pee today for the first time. Likes to sign poop and say ‘phew wee’ while waving his hand. Is ready to start potty training and waiting for his Mama to get herself in gear (I’m actually trying to find a different potty at one of our consignment shops before I start full out, good excuse huh


).   He also likes to type on my computer when I leave windows open for him to play in! Baby Boy loves books, and brings them to me all the time, he seems to be constantly searching for balls in the books!  He will come and plop himself in my lap for me to read to him. He is just starting to listen to me read some as opposed to continuously flipping pages.  Speaking of balls, he likes to throw all hard objects, calling them balls and launching them, we are working on that.

kids 047

Yes, the dog lets him sit on her, for a minute anyways!

Curly~ still loves to snuggle with his Mama, he asked me tonight if he and I could lay  on the couch before bed, he has been very sweet to his little brother lately too. Sharing his marshmallow man he made at school today! He is really liking school, of course who wouldn’t making candy, playing with playdoh, having snack and playing on the playground sounds like fun to me!  He did have a meltdown on the way to school last  Monday because he wanted to stay home with his older brother. He screamed all the way to school and cried when I took him, but he was fine and told me he had a good day when I picked him up. He is learning letter sounds  and  enjoying it, he’s started asking me what different words start with all the time and trying to hear for himself. He is also loving to bring in items for show and tell, they get to bring something for the letter of the week too, so lots of fun there!  One more thing I have to mention is that Curly has taken to calling Baby Boy, Tubs, and I can’t seem to break it, my hubby will call him Tubs as well as other names sometimes and evidently Curly liked the name for his little brother!

kids 008 kids 078

Left~ Curly’s First Day of Preschool

Above~ Sharing Curly’s Marshmallow Man that he made at school!

PJ-  Seems to like school this year, well so far! We  are only in our second week and he missed two days this week for a chicken pox scare, we still don’t know what exactly all those ‘bites’ were, but they are going away!  He is so sweet and sharing with his  youngest brother! He loves to read to Baby Boy and help him out when he needs something! Baby Boy was shoving a book in my face tonight and PJ said “Come here I’ll read to you” and he had him cackling at the Clifford book, I wished I could have grabbed my camera without them noticing!  PJ still likes math and is enjoying science experiments in his AGP class, he still doesn’t like to write at all, still loves video games, the latest he is trying to conquer is Lego Batman on the Wii! PJ and Curly fight and play like two brothers close in age (they are 4 years apart though).  PJ is really quick to help me out if I ask him to anything, except his room of course! He is still my picky eater and may forever be.

kids 091 The most recent picture I have of PJ ~ We missed getting pictures of the big kids first day and of course there is that whole  camera incident the day before.

Sissy ~ Is growing up and yet still such a child! She is starting to get a touch emotional, which I’m not ready for one tiny bit! She is so helpful and yet such a mess! She seems to have my tendency for chaos in her room! Her and I really have a good time doing girly things together, including for us, going to the library and talking about books! Because she is the oldest and only girl we try to have lots of girly alone time, just talking, shopping or staying up late watching movies  together. I’m going to miss it when she no longer wants to do these things with me!  She also still likes to come snuggle with me some!

(Can you believe I can’t find any pictures of Sissy since July, I’m going to stop by Walgreens and see if I can recover any pictures from my SD card)

I am so blessed to have my four children (and some days my husband~wink, wink~)! 


E @ Scottsville said...

Great updates and what a great way to 'track' the milestones.

So you're doing the sign language thing, huh? Great idea, Mom!

PS - Yes, I had the "Sunshine's Mom" t-shirts made. I love the backs more than the fronts. =0)

christy rose said...

Loved hearing about all of the things happening in your kids' lives. The picture of Baby Boy sitting on the dog is hilarious. My son Jacob does that all the time with our two dogs too! I have some very similar pictures like that.