Monday, November 16, 2009

Not Me Monday


Ok, you know the drill right? It’s time to tell about all those things you might not normally admit, of course denying them all as you go along! Understand? Good!  Be sure and visit MckMama to read everybody else’s  NMM’s!

Today I will not write this post all about guinea pigs! Because we were not blessed with two piggies from freecycle with a full size cage and all after we’d put off getting any because of the cost!

But before I get started on the guinea pig thing, I did not think I needed to giveaway our hamster cage and supplies on freecycle since we’d been blessed that way! So after people not showing up and no more interest I did not list the cage and supplies on craigslist for $15. I did not get a response almost immediately. When the nice lady showed up and was going to walk away with it all, I didn’t ask her if she had the money on her? I did not feel awkward asking in the first place to then realize she didn’t respond to the craigslist add, she responded to the freecycle add. I didn’t feel slightly embarrassed and she didn’t offer me $5 which I promptly turned down, apologizing!

Here are our new girls we’ve had them about two wheeks! They don’t make all kinds of noises one of which is called a wheek!

So I don’t make these  girls veggie salads twice a day!

JoshyBabe 040

I don’t think it’s adorable how they squeak and jump when I take their food ball to fill with veggies! I’ve not gotten pooped and peed on by these sweet creatures. They don’t ever have poop on their claws when I pick them up, that doesn’t disgust me at all!

Even though these two girls live in my daughter’s room, I do not clean their cage and do most of the taking care of these two little cavies! We don’t call them the piggies and I’m not wondering if Baby Boy will be thoroughly confused about what a pig really is!

 cage 006

Gracie is the darker one and Mama is in the bag of hay (we left them with the names they came with)! In case you were wondering they are 2 1/2 yrs. old.

I did not make a play pen for them to be in on our porch and a lid for their open cage, since we have our sweet Lily who loves small animals a bit too much!  I would never devote that much effort, money and time to two rodents!

Even though these girls are supposed to belong to my girl, she’s still not a bit nervous to hold them!


I’m not going to leave you with a shot of the cage before we added the lid, we didn’t just get the lid on yesterday and therefore I’ve not snapped any pictures of that! And the cage doesn’t rarely look so clean because they don’t poop a LOT!

JoshyBabe 053

They aren’t a bit spoiled!


christy rose said...

I have an award for you! Please stop by and pick it up when you get a chance.

Melanie said...

You get the mom award - i don't think I could deal with the pigs! I, do, however remember having every creature imaginable as pets growing up - bless my mom. And then there was the day the cat got into the hamster cage - let's just say i still remember it!

Jen said...

Sounds like a lot of work but they are soo cute!

E @ Scottsville said...

Oh, we had guinea pigs when I was a kid...

I remember that "Wreeek, wreek, wreek" noise that they'd all make. We got good at copying it!

Too cute! Glad they have good homes!

Grace said...

How cute.I have never owned rodents before.I'm so glad to hear you do the whole freecycle/craiglist too.

Jamie H said...

My husband does NOT want a guinea pig more than another dog :) I am NOT considering the idea of getting one :)
Just checking out your blog since you left a comment on my BF post about comments :)

Cheryl said...

Ah piggies! It is good that they are 2 1/2 years old we got piggies from free cycle that were babies. Well with guinea pigs I think it is more like an 80 % chance you'll end up with a male and a female. We had babies ourselves and the female can get pregnant right away we found at one point we had 12 piggies!! We are down to just 2 and they are a lot of fun. Thankfully my 11 year old is in charge of the cage!!! Enjoy them!!!