Monday, August 31, 2009

Not Me Monday


Holy Canoly! I can’t believe it’s Monday and almost September! Seriously did I just write that word September? Time flies(it never fails to amaze me like that) and once again it’s time for Not Me Monday where you get to air all your dirty laundry and well my family knows I’ve got a ton of that!

I did not keep PJ home from school today because he may or may not have chicken pox. I mean if I had kept him home surely I would know exactly what is going on! He’s not acting grand and playing the video game! And of  course if I was going to keep him home it wouldn’t have been on picture day (cause geez they can’t have that already) and the first day for his AGP classes! Nope I wouldn’t have him miss all that for a few spots!

I’ve not been way behind in blogging because of this whole back to school schedule! I’m not excited that I’m going to start carpooling with a friend for Curly’s mid-day pick up soon! That won’t help out at all! I’m also not contemplating an afternoon bus ride for my Sissy & PJ, nope why would a stay at home mom put her kids on the bus? Poor PJ didn’t get a ton of homework sent home with his sister for him, while all his sister had to do was read (her favorite thing  in the whole world).

And speaking of Sissy, in case you don’t remember her hamster died a few weeks ago (and she only had it a few weeks), well our sweet dog Lily, DID NOT dig up the hamsters grave this week! Sissy was not upset and mad one tiny bit when she saw the hole and the shredded box and bag!  Sissy has not decided she wants a guinea pig instead of a hamster, since they are harder to kill and all!  We’ve not read that they should have a friend, which means we’d need  a bigger cage and more food, I’m not thinking twice about these guinea pigs!

And on a final note, my camera did not die this week after I dropped it in the water! It has not come back to life as I was hoping. I’ve not been wanting to check if my memory card  still has the pictures on it We don’t luckily have another digital camera, so I’m not totally without! 

Happy NMM and though MckMama isn’t doing NMM today, I’m now off to read her latest news before I make some dinner!


Grace said...

OH NO I was NOT hoping your camara would come back to life.It NOT in any way good to have double objects.Have a great week.

Jennifer said...

Oh no! The dog dug up the hamster! Just found your blog - enjoyed reading, will definately be back for another visit!

E @ Scottsville said...

I'm so sorry that the rice trick didn't work for your camera. That stinks. =0(

Well, hopefully you're hubby will buy you a new fantastic-er (that's my own new word) camera!

E =0)

christy rose said...

I agree with Erica. I hope you get an even more fantastic-er camera.

(I stole her new word!) LOL

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I can't believe the dog dug up the hamster!!!