Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What Happened to Monday?

Does anybody know what happened to Monday? Where did it go? Oh right it was filled with laughter and screams and chaos, I remember now! Another day in the life of us! Of course today is a new day all together as it’s the day school starts!

But lets get back to yesterday…….

My Curly is just barely curly anymore as he got his hair chopped, a bit shorter than I really wanted it! And he met his teachers on Monday for his very first school experience. Oh how I wish I was blogging when my others started, I’m sure I’d have more info recorded. But anyways, Curly managed to find the one action figure type guy in the classroom. He didn’t care about building blocks, hermit crabs or his name on the wall, nope he was excited they had a cool ‘power ranger’ ! He showed one of his new teacher’s the cool toy and came home and told his Daddy about it! When asked by the teacher if he knew how to spell his name he promptly said ‘NO’.  So glad we worked on that! So I’m sure he’s going to love his new playroom, I mean classroom! And I’m going to love dropping off two kids at 8, then another at 9, picking him back up at 12 and the other two at 2:15 and trying to squeeze in a nap for Baby Boy somewhere in between! 

So back to Monday……. I love those little dots…………… I decided the kids needed one last fun thing to do before going back to school! So I was going to take them to the beach on the bay that is 20 minutes away! So we got ready, finally got going and headed over. PJ was being miserable complaining that he’d rather go to the pool! But Sissy really was excited to go to the beach! So we pull up all excited that it’s not crowded at all, until we notice the big huge signs that say “Swimming Area Closed”! Ugh, so I reach into my purse to call someone to try and figure the next closest beach, no phone, I went off and left it at home! So I decided I’d just go where I knew, so off we went another 40 minutes through traffic and all! Finally we arrived! The kids had a blast, even PJ, I took a ton of pictures and we were getting ready to leave when Baby Boy decided to wiggle out of my hand into the 2 inch deep water, so naturally I reached down for him! And bam, my camera slipped of my wrist and into the water! At that point I pretty sure I cursed, I mean wouldn’t you? So then I did my best not to get frustrated with the kids and we trudged through the sand, stroller and all (I’m sure people were laughing at us) and back to the car that was thankfully ticket free and stuck our sandy bums in the seat and came home! I’ll stop there cause I’m sure your eyes are getting tired, but let’s just say my day didn’t end there! And geez I can’t even show you my pictures!

Anybody know if there is any hope for my camera? I still have the box and haven’t had it a year yet.  Anybody?


E @ Scottsville said...

I have herad that if you drop a CELL PHONE in the water, that you can NOT TOUCH ANY BUTTONS JUST TAKE THE BATTERY OUT so that no electrical circuits try to carry current through it.

Then put the WHOLE phone (or in your case CAMERA) into a covered container of uncooked rice for 24 hours. The rice will absorb all of the moisture out of it supposedly.

What have you got to lose?

christy rose said...

Oh My I am so sorry about your camera! That is terrible! I hope Erica's suggestion helps.

Grace said...

OH NO!!!I too hope erica's idea works.If you have a memory card in it you might also want to remove that asap.

Jen said...

I gave you an award on my blog. Come check it out :)