Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Well so much for jumping back into blogging! I can’t believe it’s already been a week! I guess with a birthday in our house and Christmas last week I should have known better.  So just to keep those interested updated the k on my laptop is completely gone, it was hanging on , then it was gone and their was this nub I was pressing, well after the last time one of kids used the laptop my k is now nothing! I just press the space were it belongs and bam *k* it feels quite odd to do it, but is actually working better than it when it was originally damaged. Okay now that you are all clued in about that I can move on…….

So I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We had a pretty good one, I’m going to try and find some pictures to share with you, so hold just a minute!


kids 064

kids 062 

kids 060

kids 065

This was about all the pictures I got and then our camera was full, in fact this appears to be the only one I captured of  Baby Boy Christmas morning! 

I will be back soon, I promise! I’ve got a book I should have written a review on ages ago and something else I’m ‘supposed’ to blog about, plus I’m going to join the Body after Baby Challenge over at Mama Notes, so more about that soon!

Off to watch a movie w/hubby if we can stay awake!


momstheword said...

Well, you got more pictures than I did! I didn't get one picture. We videotaped it and for some reason, I just didn't think about my camera at all. Bummer!

Your kids are adorable!

~ Nan

christy rose said...

At least you got one picture of each child on Christmas. That is what is truly important! :) And they are all so cute! I love the picture of Curly. I thought that I just saw my Jacob a few years from now. LOL