Monday, December 21, 2009

Not Me Monday


Today is Monday, time to tell all to everyone who cares to listen (or read) and laugh with you at how ‘perfect’ you are! Head on over to MckMama’s to read everyone else’s NMM’s!

I surely have not been out of the  blogging loop for over a month! I didn’t decided that today is a beautiful day for hopping  back into the bloggy world!  I’ve not enjoyed my break one bit!

Today is not 2 days before one my children’s birthdays and only 4 days before Christmas, because if it was I surely wouldn’t still need to do quite a bit of shopping, not to mention wrapping! I’m not going to have to drive from store to store to find the toys that are apparently sold out because I waited so long! I don’t blame this one tiny bit on my husband who desperately wanted me to wait for him to shop! Nope, not me!

Today was not the first official day of my children’s Christmas break and I most certainly did not sleep in till 10 to have to reschedule the appointment I had at 10:15! It’s not 3:30 now and I’m still without a bra or proper clothes! I’m not going to have to around like a mad woman in a bit to have dinner and the house ready for when my hubby comes home at 6 so I can rush out and try to do some more shopping! That wasn’t a run-on sentence either,  I always use proper grammar since my mom was an English teacher and all ;)!

Our Christmas tree did not get put up last Monday to just finally get decorated yesterday! I would never do that!

And these most certainly weren’t the best pictures of my 4 kids together that I could get last week! I’m not having a hard time getting pictures because my memory card died in my camera and now I can only take 16 pictures at a time w/out removing them.  

kids 023kids 035


christy rose said...

Love these pics of your kids Erica!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

E @ Scottsville said...

She DOES LIVE!!! =0)

Good to have you back. I just got home from some last minute Christmas Shopping. I can officially say I'm DONE! Woo hoo. Good thing to since Christmas is four days away. Yikes.

Hope you and yours have a Very Merry Christmas, Erica.

~ The Other Erica

Sonya said...

hey you know what?? My tree has no decorations on it whatsoever, unless you count lights!! And I don't intend to put any on it this year either. I didn't want to deal with Lauren pulling them off all the time.

I have all my gifts left to wrap and I still have 4 or so to buy so I know exactly how you feel!!

Grace said...

Welcome Back!It's good to see you up and going again.Merry Christmas!